Developed by: System Biology Group, Shanghai Center for Bioinformation Technology

Authors: Jing Yang, Hui Yu, Bao-Hong Liu

Maintain: Jing Yang

This software is free for non-commercial use. Commercial users should contact Yuan-Yuan Li at yyli@scbit.org or +86 021 20283720

Description: DCGL is an R package for differential co-expression analysis (DCEA) and differential regulation analysis (DRA). It contains four modules: 1) gene filtration; 2) link filtration; 3) differential co-expression analysis: DCG (Differential Coexpressed Gene) identification and DCL (Differentially Coexpressed Link) identification; and 4) differential regulation analysis: DRG (Differentially Regulated Gene) identification, DRL (Differentially Regulated Link) identification, DRL visualization and regulator ranking. As following:

Overall design of DCGL 2.0. DCEA: differential co-expression analysis; DRA: differential regulation analysis.

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For Linux users, they should type 'R CMD INSTALL DCGL 2.0.2.tar.gz' in the shell (suppose the installation file 'DCGL 2.0.2.tar.gz' is in the current working directory); for windows users, they should go to the R menu 'Packages' and click the 'Install package(s) from local zip files' and then locate the local file 'DCGL 2.0.2.zip'.

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