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1  What is mesh?
2  The function of Mesh Sub-system
3  How to use Mesh?
1 What is mesh?
   Mesh is the controlled vocabulary for all human tissues. Is BIserver, we only use part of these vocabulary.
2 The function of Mesh Sub-system
   Mesh is a online tool for browsing the combination relationship among transcription factor, binding site, downstream regulated gene and psychological condition. This information is extracted from abstract of about 500,000 relative documents based on four sets of key words. Every returned record indicates that a transcription factor binding some binding site, regulates downstream gene under specific psychological condition.
3 How to use Mesh?
   A user can input two parameters: TarGene/ TF and psychological condition. TarGene/ TF is the target gene or transcription factor that the user wants to browse, and psychological condition includs about 300 different conditions under which binding action occurs. After above two parameters is submitted, the corresponding result is returned.