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ZNF Research In Thiesen's Lab

Proteomics Lab in Rostock

Biosino in SIBS

SysBio In SIBS



Data Download

Peptides in the SysZNF database (fasta format): Download
Nucleic Acid Sequences in the SysZNF database (fasta format): Download
ProbeSet Mapping in the SysZNF database (CSV format):Download
Synteny regions in the SysZNF databases (CSV format):Synteny regions with C2H2-ZNF genes
Genomical coordinates of transcripts in the SysZNF databases (txt format): Genomical coordinate of transcripts
Clusters of C2H2 ZNF genes in the SysZNF database (CSV.format): Download

Note that, the files for download were compressed with 7-zip.


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